World Health Day 7 April

As leading Johannesburg and Cape Town meat wholesalers, N1 understand the role that food and nutrition play in good health – they also understand how essential it is that food be of the highest quality and perfectly safe to eat, which is why they adhere to the strictest hygiene control guidelines and are both HACCP and ISO 9001 certified.
Food safety is so important – food containing harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites or chemical substances is responsible for more than 200 diseases, ranging from diarrhoea to cancers; and unsafe food is linked to the deaths of an estimated 2 million people annually, including many children – that the World Health Organisation (WHO) made it the theme of World Health Day in 2015.

As part of that campaign, the WHO covered the 5 Keys to Food Safety:

  1. Choose your food carefully and only patronise reputable shops with good hygiene
  2. Ensure hands and all utensils are cleaned both before, during and after food  preparation
  3. Keep raw and cooked food separate and use separate utensils for each
  4. Be sure to thoroughly cook all food and
  5. Chill food correctly at safe temperatures 

The WHO has celebrated World Health Day on 7 April each year since 1950. Its function is two-fold – it serves as a vehicle for promoting a variety of health topics, and it serves to commemorate the founding of the WHO. As mentioned earlier, as a way of targeting specific problem areas, each year has carried a specific theme ranging from safe motherhood, active ageing, and mental health to healthy environments for children, healthy blood pressure, and the aforementioned food safety. 

This year the theme is universal health coverage – the goal is ‘to improve understanding of universal health coverage and the importance of primary health care as its foundation; and to spur action from individuals, policy-makers and health-care workers to make universal health care a reality for everyone’.
The tagline for this World Health Day is: Health for all – everyone, everywhere.

Admirable and essential, we salute the initiatives of the World Health Organisation. And as suppliers of the best quality meat Cape Town and Johannesburg has to offer, N1 will continue to strive to produce food of the highest quality to ensure the health of all concerned!

If you want to join the World Health Day conversation, follow WHO’s social media channels to get all the latest updates – and don’t forget to use the hashtag #HealthForAll when sharing any messages.