Social Media for Foodies

It’s only been a decade or so since social media first entered our lexicon, but to imagine a world without it is now incomprehensible. It’s infiltrated our lives in a myriad of ways, and for practically every passion out there, there’s a relevant social media account to follow. This is especially true for food – after all, we taste with our eyes first, and social media has made us hyper-visual, so it’s the perfect marriage of two worlds. If you’re serious about food, these are a few of the top social media accounts you should be following.


Serious Eats is a wildly popular foodie website said to draw ‘millions of passionate, discerning, curious, and very hungry people … in search of definitive recipes, hard-core food science, trailblazing techniques, and innovative guides to essential food and drink anywhere and everywhere.’ And their twitter account is the ideal way to stay on top of all things delicious and food-orientated.


If you love trivia as much as we do, then Foodimentary should be top of your list. Begun in 2005 by John-Bryan Hopkins, Foodimentary evolved from food blogging into stories exploring the history and culture of food. Hopkins went on to create the Foodimentary calendar – social media’s official ‘food holiday site’ which Google also adopted in 2015.


Tasty is BuzzFeed's video series on comfort food – it has ninety million followers on Facebook and it’s plain to see why. Their quick and easy, under-a-minute, videos on how to make delectable food has most of us salivating and reaching for our frying pans.


A forerunner of the healthy-eating movement, EatingWell is all about helping us make healthier choices every day. ‘Experts offer delicious recipes, balanced nutritional advice, thought-provoking stories and new ways to make healthy choices more exciting.’ Want to know how to make 200-calorie, prepare ahead, protein-packed, grab-and-go breakfasts – then their Facebook page is the place to be.


Tucker Taylor is the man behind Farmet. Describing himself as a culinary gardener, Taylor is an expert in certified organic farming and sustainability; and uses his Instagram account (surely the most hyper-visual of all the social media platforms) to share beautiful photos of fresh vegetables, fruits and edible flowers, and the places they’ve come from.

Foodies of SA

And last, but not least, our very own home-grown South African Foodies – a place to connect and share fantastic recipes that traverse our melting pot of cultures and traditions. Last year saw Foodies of SA hit 100K followers on Instagram, 600K page likes on Facebook, and around 6 million views a week across all their social media accounts, including Youtube.

As George Bernard Shaw said ‘there is no sincerer love than the love of food’ so like and follow away to your heart’s content …