10 Food Innovations

The notion of computer processing speed doubling every 18 months is known as Moore’s Law, and it’s just one indication of how technology changes at an exponential rate. For most of history, man would die in a world that looked pretty much the same as the one he was born into, but that’s no longer the case – just think about your own life right now, your life pre-Facebook, pre-Twitter, pre-smart phones. Some say we can’t fathom the depth and breadth of what is still to come, and while that might be worrying, there are countless advantages to this rate of development and how it’s touched every aspect of our lives, including food.

The World Food Innovation is one such platform which connects and highlights innovators; sharing their insights, developments and solutions regarding food – and here are ten of our favourites.

  1. 100% Pure Buffalo Insect Powder, a Sustainable Protein Source: An innovative and unique ingredient for the food industry to boost a wide variety of food formulations.
  2. Revolutionary Individually Quick-Frozen Mozzarella: Fonterra invented a faster mozzarella-making process that gets Kiwi cheese onto more than half the pizzas in China!
  3. Taste-Enhancing Proteins from Onion Residue: A protein concentrate is recovered from onion peels with umami taste-enhancing and salt-reducing properties.
  4. The Sweet Taste of Success – a Delicious, Low-Cal Soft Server Ice Cream: NIZO has produced the world’s first soft serve ice cream under 100kcal per 100g thanks to natural protein technology.
  5. Scanners for Food Authenticity: Consumers can empower themselves by self-scanning (for chemical composition, freshness and other characteristics) food with miniaturised affordable infrared food scanners.
  6. NicePack – Maximum Shelf Life Extension in a Natural Way: NicePack combines an innovative packing design with an efficient and modular machine to reach the maximum shelf life.
  7. Filet Americain, High-Pressure-Processed Raw Beef: High-pressure processed Filet Americain provides optimum food safety without compromising texture and taste.
  8. The Eggcheff – Soft, Medium or Hardboiled Eggs in Just One Minute: An innovative and worldwide patented machine that speeds up the cooking process of an egg at the touch of a button.
  9. Paste Product for Jus, Soups and Sauces: Unique paste product, based on all natural ingredients, binds after heating – any flavour possible for meat, fish and vegetables.
  10. Fred & Ed Greens and Candy Fruit for Kids: A fun way to ensure kids get their fruits and vegetables – five types are available: tomatoes, cucumbers, paprika, apples and pears.