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We all know that protein is essential to our bodies – it plays a myriad of roles from providing cell structure and strength, to aiding our immune system. The building blocks of protein are called amino acids and there are 22 specific types inherent to the process – 13 of these are produced by the body, nine are not and they must be sourced from the foods we eat. While plant-based foods will provide some of these amino acids, it is only animal-based protein that provide all nine in one go.

The other thing we know is that each day should start with breakfast, not the sugar-laden cereal variety, but a breakfast of kings – a solid meal that will see us through a demanding day without detrimental sugar crashes and cravings. And this is where protein plays a leading role, it increases satiety and stamina, it contains iron which helps circulate oxygen through the body, and it’s an excellent source of vitamin B12 which is essential for brain function and red blood cell development. In short, it’s the best way to start your day, and by incorporating any left-over meat from the night before you add convenience to the mix too; so here are four of our favourite protein-rich breakfasts, courtesy of Greatist.

Left-over mince? Make a hearty frittata with potato and beef.

  • ‘A frittata is, by default, rich in protein. But when you add cooked ground beef and a bit of cheese, you get not only even more protein but also conjugated linoleic acids, which have been found to have anti-cancer properties, along with an ability to reduce risk factors for heart disease.’

Left-over steak? Make steak and egg bruschetta with crispy kale, goat cheese and tomatoes.

  • ‘Bruschetta is usually nothing more than olive oil and tomatoes. Make it breakfast worthy by adding slices of steak, a smear of goat cheese, and poached eggs. That’s three different sources of protein.’

Left-over roast beef and potato? Make beef and potato cakes.

  • ‘Turn yesterday’s roast and mashed potatoes into this morning’s [breakfast] … Breaded and lightly pan-cooked instead of deep-fried, [beef and potato cakes] are a perfect stick-to-your-ribs breakfast packed with protein.’

Left-over boerewors? Make breakfast sausage egg cups with spinach and parmesan.

  • ‘Need your morning protein to be portable? This recipe has you covered. With beef sausage, eggs, bread, and veggies all neatly baked into muffin cups then topped with bubbly cheese, each handheld cup is a full breakfast in itself.’

So, remember to include a healthy serving of protein at your next breakfast and feel the difference it makes to your day. Here’s to breakfasting like kings – bon appetite.