For the Love of Pastries

Last year saw the fabulous launch of the Europastry range of delicious artisan products, which was proudly brought to you by N1, leading Johannesburg and Cape Town meat wholesalers

Europastry is a family-owned company that was founded in 1987 by a visionary entrepreneur, Pere Gallés, who invested in freezing technologies to satisfy the needs of the catering and hospitality industry. Today Europastry is one of the most ground-breaking companies in the global frozen bread dough and patisserie sector, operating in 50 countries, and now also in South Africa thanks to their collaboration with N1 Restaurant Suppliers.

Europastry offers a wide variety of authentic and hand-made pastries, using only the best natural ingredients. Particularly enticing is their Viennoiserie range, their Portuguese products and their American ring and ball doughnut range.

Viennoiserie, which is French for ‘things of Vienna’, are delicious pastries typically eaten at breakfast or as snacks and the collection comprises of 155 different products. Within the Viennoiserie range are seven sub-categories: 

  • Caprice, which includes the likes of pain au chocolat and apple tart
  • Sélection d'Or with items like cinnamon rolls and cocoa rolls
  • Croissants including butter, classic and mini croissants
  • Puff pastries like Palmier and custard puffs
  • Sweet pastries such as apricot mini tarts and strawberry pockets
  • Genuine Danish pastries like the Danish stick and maple & pecan plaits, and
  • Hors D’oeuvres such as mini brioche and pain aux raisins

Similarly, the American ring and ball doughnuts range has a huge variety to choose from with its six sub-categories including classic, filled, decorated, mini, ball and long doughnuts. You can go for classic doughnuts filled with chocolate, cream or jam and decorated with white, dark, milk chocolate or triple-coloured shavings; or you can go for the plain buns which you can fill with whatever you like.

Equally delicious are the exquisitely made Portuguese products which are crafted following authentic original recipes, offering a deliciously sweet end to any meal. These include pastel de nata – a rich egg custard in crisp pastry; rice cake – a kind of cross between a muffin and a cupcake; and coconut tart.

These are just three of the ranges available within the extensive Europastry line of products – there is so much more to choose from. N1 may be your favourite South African meat wholesalers, but if you’re looking for delicious artisan products made from only the best natural ingredients, they can satisfy your pastry craving too!