The Food Timeline Part 2

Last week we looked at how man went from eating only nuts and berries to eating meat in the Prehistoric times, we covered how grapes were first grown for wine in the Neolithic era, how sushi reached Japan in the 8th century, and how the Portuguese began fishing cod in the 15th century – we continue now with Wiki’s timeline picking up on the evolution of food from the 16th century onwards.


  • 1535: Spanish conquerors first see the potato
  • 1578: Sir Francis Drake encounters potatoes on his trip around the world, but he does not bring them back to Great Britain as he is often credited with doing
  • 1585: chocolate reaches Europe for commercial purposes in a shipment from Veracruz to Sevilla
  • Late 16th-17th century: cucumber, along with maize, beans, squash, pumpkins, and gourds are cultivated by Native Americans in what is today the southern United States


  • 17th century: sparkling wine first appears
  • 1605: puff pastry is introduced – made by placing butter between sheets of rolled dough
  • 1609: a trial planting in Virginia is the first cultivation of rice in the United States
  • 1651: the German government mandates the cultivation of potatoes


  • 18th century: the soufflé appears in France – along with cakes and pastries, thanks to the increasing availability of sugar and chef proficiency
  • 18th century: pizza begins to appear in Naples
  • 1760: Eggnog is invented in North Carolina
  • 1774-1779: the first shops selling ice cream appear in North America


  • Early 1800s: West African farmers begin to export palm oil
  • 1835: baking powder is invented
  • 1843: the hand cranked freezer is invented by Nancy M. Johnson, which helps with the fast diffusion of ice cream
  • 1867: Charles Feltman invents the hot dog in his stall in Coney Island, New York by pairing a frankfurter with a bread bun


  • 1885-1904: depending on different claims, the modern hamburger is invented at some point during this time range
  • 1905: Stamen Grigorov discovered the Lactobacillus bulgaricus – the lactic acid-producing bacteria – which is the true cause for the existence of natural yogurt
  • 1920s: French fries are introduced into the US as World War I soldiers return from Europe
  • 1958: the instant noodle is invented in Japan by Momofuku Ando of Nissin Foods

Instant noodles went on to be quite the hit and according to a 2000 Japanese poll, they consider it to be their best invention of the 20th century. They are so popular, that as of 2010, it’s estimated that approximately 96 billion servings of instant noodles are eaten throughout the world every year. As leading Cape Town meat wholesalers, N1 have a few of their own impressive stats – they sell more than 360 tonnes of wholesale frozen vegetables, more than 8 million pie fillings and they travel more than 624 000 kilometers for deliveries every year. So, if you want the best in high-quality wholesale meat and frozen vegetable products, call N1 today.