Delicious Doughnuts

Oscar Wilde said, ‘the only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it’ and that’s how we feel about doughnuts – fresh, sweet rings of deliciousness!

The earliest origins to the modern doughnut can be traced back to Dutch settlers who brought them over to early New York, while the first mention of them in a cookbook goes back to 1803. Fast forward 200 years and they’re more popular than ever! Over 10 billion doughnuts are made in the US alone and surveys show that Americans eat on average 31 doughnuts a year – hmmm, I wonder how much we eat on average? I have a feeling it may be more than 31, especially if you look at the fantastic variety on offer at Europastry – proudly brought to you by N1, your leading Johannesburg and Cape Town meat wholesalers . 

Europastry offers a wide variety of authentic and hand-made pastries – including an extensive selection of doughnuts, which they refer to as ‘dots’ – using only the best natural ingredients. Their Rainbow Dots alone are enough to make you want to string up a piñata and throw a party! You can choose from Green Pistachio, Red Cookie, Purple White, Yellow Frutti and Marshmallow dots. 

Then there are Ring Dots, everything from Pink Dots, Glazed Doughnut Dots, Big Cocoa Dots and Cocao & Hazelnut Dots to Confetti Dots, and Dots on the Rocks – an exquisite cocoa laden cake doughnut enrobed in white icing and scattered everywhere with cocoa flavoured bits.

Next are Filled Dots, from Filled Sugar Dots – soft dough filled with a custard flavoured creamy filling; to Cocoa & Hazelnut Filled Deco Dots and Caramel Flavoured Dots. They come pre-filled so you just thaw and they’re ready to eat.

The list goes on and on – Europastry offers more than 190 varieties, the most extensive range on the market and every year they launch new varieties that follow the latest global trends. Production plants using the latest technology, produce more than 2.5 million units a day – that’s a lot of dots!

To discover the full list of Europastry dots and a whole new world of flavours and colours, call N1 today – they may be your favourite South African meat wholesalers, but if you’re looking for deliciously decadent doughnuts made from only the best natural ingredients, they can satisfy your dot cravings too!