Wholesale Meat South Africa & Millennials

Millennials: more’s been written about this generation than probably any other, even surpassing the Baby Boomers in specificity. Classified as those born between the early 1980s until around 2004, Millennials are currently the largest age demographic in America. It may be some time before that’s the case for us here in South Africa, but it pays to learn more about what might lie ahead, and earlier this year the Washington Post published a very interesting article on the 9 ways Millennials are changing the way we eat – here’s a synopsis:

1. Honesty
They want to know how their food is made; they want truth and transparency about the ingredients and their sources from food manufacturers. 

2. Personalisation
They love customization, they don’t want to eat exactly the same sandwich that everyone else is eating – they want to be able to tweak the flavours to suit their specific taste.

3. Convenience
Surveys show that Millennials want easy, they don’t want to spend much time (if any) prepping a meal, they want it ready in an instant.

4. Healthy
They are redefining the concept of ‘healthy’ – it’s no longer about whether something is low-fat or high-fibre, it’s now more about whether it’s organic, natural, bought locally or sustainable.

5. Better Baby Food
Powdered cereal and the ubiquitous mashed food in a jar is not something that Millennials are after; they expect organic high-quality baby food and a wider more adventurous selection of foods.

6. Sustainable
They care about the planet. Older shoppers may focus on the nutritional content of a food item, but Millennials are more likely to look at how the product was sourced and grown.

7. Snacking
This generation seems to prefer to graze rather than eat large meals, so the snack industry has exploded with many healthier options like raw booster date balls or chia seed pudding.

8. Protein-Lovers
They love the keto diet – according to one study nearly half say animal protein is healthy, unlike older generations, which is definitely a boon for meat wholesalers South Africa.

9. Open-Minded
Millennials are an adventurous lot and also curious – they like trying new flavours, learning more about ethnic cuisines and are open to vegetarian and vegan options.

It makes for fascinating reading, doesn’t it? Considered by many to be the generation with the most potential, it will be interesting to see how much these well-meant preferences will shape our future food – how it is grown, sourced and delivered.  Regardless however of where we find ourselves in the food timeline, you can rest assured that with N1 you are always guaranteed quality, service and delivery – a timeless combination and the best in wholesale meat South Africa.