Wholesale Frozen Vegetables

In the US they have the right outlook on frozen foods – thanks to their National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association (NFRA) they dedicate the entire month of March to celebrating its versatility and convenience. Founded in 1945, the association has worked tirelessly to highlight the many benefits of frozen foods and to remind people that frozen food is ‘real food’ – just frozen. And that freezing is the same as nature’s pause button – a quick and easy way of locking in ‘just picked freshness’, flavour and nutrients.

We might not be in the US and we might not have an entire month dedicated to it, but at N1 we understand the many benefits of a wide and varied range of frozen foods, including wholesale frozen vegetables – which we like to call ‘better than fresh’. Studies have shown that in most cases flash-frozen vegetables are equal in nutrition to fresh vegetables and in some cases actually superior to their fresh counterparts, partly because they’ve endured less handling, shorter storage periods, and have had very little exposure to the elements on the retail floor.

At N1 there are three core values that underpin our frozen foods range, and these are quality, value and convenience.

QUALITY: We handpick only the best suppliers to ensure the highest-quality frozen foods. Vegetables are harvested at peak ripeness and quick-frozen to lock in all beneficial vitamins and minerals, retaining that just-picked perfection.

VALUE: Ready to use, our frozen foods eliminate preparation time and the need for an advanced skill-set. Unlike fresh produce, frozen foods are not subject to constant fluctuations in price and availability, allowing better prediction and control of spending.

CONVENIENCE: Pre-prepared, easy and fast to cook and serve, frozen foods are the ultimate in time-saving convenience. While fresh produce is affected by seasonality, the N1 frozen food range is available year-round providing greater flexibility in menu planning.

For the best selection of high-quality frozen foods, look no further than N1 – their wholesale frozen vegetables range includes everything from mixed diced vegetables, cut beans, and sliced mushrooms to various stir fry, roast mixed vegetables and julienne carrots; while their frozen potato range includes French fries, hash browns, rostis, mash potato and croquettes.

If you want the best in quality, value and convenience – whether you need frozen foods, high-quality Halaal certified meat or Halaal fish, call N1 today.