March Is National Frozen Food Month

Okay, we have a confession to make, March is National Frozen Food Month, but in the US not in South Africa, although we think that should be rectified immediately – who wouldn’t want the chance to honour the convenience and value that wholesale frozen vegetables and other frozen foods bring to our lives.

Clearly, they understand this is America where frozen food is serious business – their National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association (NFRA) was founded in 1945, and since then the association has worked tirelessly to have the many benefits of frozen foods recognised and celebrated. In 2010, to further their cause, the NFRA declared March ‘National Frozen Food Month’ and put together various marketing materials and consumer initiatives to raise awareness. They also created ‘Golden Penguin Awards’ which are awarded to wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers or local associations who have gone above and beyond in support of the campaign – categories include best in-store displays, in-store events, community involvement, social media campaigns, traditional marketing, private brand campaigns and best overall marketing campaign, which has to include at least four forms of advertising, digital communication, print communication or in-store execution – did we mention the Americans take frozen food seriously?

Light-heartedness aside, their aim is to promote frozen food as ‘real food – just frozen’ and that’s exactly what you’re getting. Freezing is quite simply nature’s pause button, it’s a way of locking in that just-picked freshness, flavour and most importantly of all, nutrients. Studies have shown that wholesale frozen vegetables and fruit are as rich in nutrients as their fresh counterparts and in some cases, even superior – a University of Georgia study showed that the amounts of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and folates in several frozen vegetables and fruit were actually higher than in the fresh produce.

In addition to being a valuable source of nutrients, wholesale frozen vegetables and other frozen food products are exceedingly convenient – portioned, prepped and ready to cook, they help save time and reduce wastage too. For a wide variety of high-quality frozen foods, look no further than N1 – their frozen vegetables range includes everything from mixed diced vegetables and cut corn, to various stir fry and julienne carrots; while their frozen potato range includes French fries, hash browns, rostis and croquettes. If you want the best in quality and convenience, call N1 today.