N1 Mince Meat

Amongst meat wholesalers South Africa, N1 is a leading wholesale meat supplier. Offering high-quality Halaal and non-Halaal meat products, their range of Halaal mince products – all produced at their separate and strictly controlled Halaal production factory – include steak, extra lean, topside, lamb, ostrich and chicken minced meat; while their non-Halaal mince offering includes pork and venison.

Popular and hugely versatile, minced or ground meat is a staple found in many dishes, but what are the rules governing minced meat exactly? According to ‘Guidelines on key requirements for Government Markets – Meat and Meat Products Guide’ published here by the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in October 2012:

  • the meat used in the preparation of minced meat should be fresh, untainted and healthy muscle tissue and fat of beef, sheep or pigs only
  • frozen or cured meat may not be used in the preparation of these products
  • the cut-offs used should as far as possible be free of sinews and other  connective tissue
  • cut-offs that are bruised or are from parts of the head other than the jaw muscles may not be used
  • minced meat should consist only of lean meat and fat
  • the fat content may not exceed 30%, and
  • grain products or other fillers, spices or other flavouring and preservatives may not be added

When choosing cuts, meat wholesalers South Africa typically choose tougher cuts that are best suited to long, slow cooking such as stewing meat. According to an article on The Butcher, beef mince is sold under at least five descriptions:

  1. ground beef/mince – typically contains the highest fat content
  2. steak mince – trimmed of all excess fat
  3. topside mince – trimmed of all excess fat
  4. lean mince
  5. extra lean mince – contains the lowest fat content

While lower fat content and ‘healthier choice’ often go hand in hand, the fat content also plays an important role in the overall taste – the higher the fat content the greater the flavour and juiciness of the dish. Texture is another factor to consider: a coarse grind is ideal for hamburger meat, while a finer grind is ideal for dishes like meatloaf or meatballs, because it makes the meat more compact which in turn allows it to better hold its shape.

Whether you need minced meat, beef rump or lamb kebabs; quality should always lead the way when choosing from available meat wholesalers South Africa – and with N1, leading wholesale meat supplier, you are always guaranteed the very best in quality, service and delivery.