Top Tips For Grilling Steak

We may only be a few weeks into summer, but the hot weather has everyone out enjoying the sunshine and making the most of their braais. With the holidays just around the corner, now’s the time to start stocking up on all your favourite Halaal certified meat and non-Halaal braai food – lamb chops, chicken kebabs and boerewors immediately spring to mind. And if like us, you love a great steak, follow these easy tips to ensure you have the tastiest steak time and time again.

  1. It all begins with choosing the best quality meat and the right cut – although it comes down to personal taste, a fattier cut is often better if you’re grilling your meat over flames or coals; but whichever cut you prefer, remember to choose a reputable Cape Town meat wholesalers like N1 that offer superior quality.
  2. Take your steak out at least 30 minutes before your fire’s ready for grilling and season the meat at the same time. The extra time allows the seasoning to draw into the meat properly and room temperature meat will cook more evenly than steaks straight from the fridge. And when it comes to cooking utensils, be sure to use tongs and not a fork, because the holes left in the meat will let precious juice escape.
  3. Be sure to have different zones of heat on your grill – start the steak off on a hot spot to maximise searing and colour, flip to do the same on the other side, and then move the steak to an area of indirect heat for further cooking. If you want your meat medium rare and the cut is between 2.5 and 3cm thick, you will need to allow about seven minutes of cooking time.
  4. When your steak is a few seconds away from done, take it off the grill and allow it to rest – it needs this time for the juices to settle and reabsorb into the meat. You can prevent it from getting cold by placing it in a warm dish so that by the time everyone sits down to eat, the steak will have rested enough and be perfect for serving.

While braaing is wonderful year-round, this really is one of the best times to enjoy outdoor dining – we’ve not yet reached the scorching heat of February and everyone’s in good cheer planning for the festive season. So, whatever the weekend may hold in store for you, be sure to include steak braaing in your schedule.