Know your meat trivia

It’s the start of the silly season, so what better way to get us in the mood than a quick round of Meat Trivia. Taken from Fun Trivia, a site dedicated to all forms of trivia and quizzes galore, here’s their take on Cutting the Beef – have a quick read through and test your meat-cutting-knowledge (answers at the end of the article).

1. Let’s begin with a cut that’s considered among the lower quality cuts due to its high frequency of muscle use. Taken from any of the animal’s legs, what is the name of this somewhat inferior cut that still has many uses?

a) Chuck
b) Knuckle
c) Shank or
d) Rump

2. The lowest quality steak-grade cut is from the lower sides of the animal and belongs to the hindquarters. London broil and some fajitas use this cut which is also used for ground beef. What is its name?

a) Plate
b) Flank
c) Shank or
d) Brisket

3. Another of the lesser cuts sounds almost like you would want to discard the meat right away, but that would be a waste. Used for hamburgers, but also for various boned and boneless steaks, what is the name of this cut?

a) Tri-Tip
b) Chuck
c) Neck or
d) Shank

4. Responsible for some of the fattiest beef and located towards the bottom rear of the forequarter, this cut tends to yield relatively tough meat. What is the name of this section?

a) Ribs
b) Short Loin
c) Plate or
d) Round

5. The best part of the forequarter is its top rear section from which many popular types of steak are derived. Named after an anatomical feature the animal has several of, what is this cut called?

a) Rib
b) Breast
c) Shoulder or
d) Neck

6. A quite versatile cut, suitable for roasts, some types of steak and many other preparations, is taken from the animal’s rear leg. What is the proper name of this cut?

a) Round
b) Silverside
c) Hip or
d) Top Sirloin

7. We’re approaching the best parts of the animal now: the loins. They represent the front top quadrant of the hindquarters. Of that area, the front half (with a small exception) has a single name. What is this cut called?

a) Top Sirloin
b) Tenderloin
c) Top Loin or
d) Bottom Sirloin

8. The rear half of loin meats is the source of some of the most tender beef. The nomenclature is slightly confusing there – what is the proper name of the uppermost loin section directly left and right of the animal’s spine?

a) Sirloin
b) Top Sirloin
c) Strip or
d) Bottom Sirloin

9. Considered a prime cut, second only to tenderloin, top sirloin is the source of very tender steaks that can be prepared at any level of doneness, all the way from tartare (raw) up to well done. In America, the top sirloin steak is sometimes sold under a specific misleading, French name, which one?

a) Chateaubriand
b) Bourguignon
c) Parisienne
d) Nicoise

10. Questions have been organised from the least desirable to the best cut, so it’s only fitting to end with the tenderloin. Which of the following below, describes the location of this cut on the (standing) animal’s body?

a) Vertical strip of meat between short loin and sirloin
b) Diagonally bisecting the sirloin from top front to bottom rear
c) Horizontally bisecting both the sirloin and the short loin or
d) Parallel to the spine, up to four inches left and right of it.

How many out of 10 did you get right?! If it was less than 8 then it’s time to brush up on all things meat, remember the N1 team are waiting for your call.

Answers: 1-c ; 2-b ; 3-b ; 4-c ; 5-a ; 6-a ; 7-c ; 8-c ; 9-a ; 10-c