Wholesale Meat Johannesburg & Cape Town

N1 are the leading suppliers of high-quality wholesale meat and frozen food products to a long-established list of successful clients in the Cape Town and Johannesburg areas. And while our top-quality products help bring magic to any fine-dining experience – think signature dishes like Orange Beef which pairs crisp-fried fillet with bittersweet preserved orange; or Carne Asada which combines marinated steak with fried plantains, homemade black beans and fresh guacamole – it’s always interesting to look back in time and see what the signature dishes were of various historical figures.

Have you ever played the game ‘if you could invite anyone in the world to dinner who would it be?’ Well, as trusted suppliers of wholesale meat South Africa and dedicated foodies, we would invite the following five people – and thanks to Feast, we now know what we’d need to serve to keep each one happy.

1. Napoleon Bonaparte: Marengo Chicken
Bonaparte’s favourite dish was actually created for him during the battle of Marengo – hence the name. He hadn't eaten anything all day, and his cook sent out soldiers to collect food from the local farmhouses, all they came back with were some shrimp, chicken, tomatoes, garlic, and eggs – the makings of Marengo Chicken

2. Mozart: Liver Dumplings and Sauerkraut
Mozart is considered to be one of the finest, most sophisticated composers in history, and his personal letters regularly included his favourite meals of the day – his favourite standby has been recorded as liver dumplings with a side order of sauerkraut.

3. Oscar Wilde: Roast Duck
Oscar Wilde was a foodie in his day, and though he'd been known to sip fine wine, enjoy caviar, and also sink his teeth into a well-done cut of beef, historical records show that the flamboyantly awesome literary bad boy was a massive fan of roast duck. 

4. Alfred Hitchcock: Ham Pies
Alfred Hitchcock's round figure definitely belies his love of food, but if you wanted to guarantee that Hitchcock would be pleased with a meal, the easiest way to do that would be to bake a pie – particularly if it was stuffed with ham, onion, eggs, and milk.

5. Virginia Woolfe: Boeuf en Daube a la Niçoise
French cuisine held a particularly special place in Woolfe’s heart. During her times, Boeuf en Daube a la Niçoise (a dish involving beef, green onions, and other vegetables with a side of red wine) was a very popular and trendy meal which she is said to have enjoyed on a regular basis.

Delicious food aside, can you imagine the conversations you’d be privy to if you had these five historical figures at your dinner table? One can but dream!