Happy Heritage Day

It’s that time of the year again, and never have we needed a braai day or the celebration of our loved ones and our culture more than we do on this Heritage Day!

National Braai Day, synonymous with Heritage Day, was begun more than a decade ago by Jan Scannell aka Jan Braai. The concept really gained momentum in 2008 when Archbishop Desmond Tutu lent it his support - and 12 years later, we have one of South Africa’s favourite foodie holidays.

The best braai always begins with the best quality meat of course, and whatever your preference, you can find it at N1. We offer the best in Halaal certified meat and non-Halaal meat products, from steaks and sausage to chops and chicken, but if you want to elevate your braai to new heights then try braaing some interesting side dishes. And don’t be put off thinking this or that can’t be grilled - take a leaf out of Lennox Hastie’s book and try even the most unlikely ingredients. Recently featured in the Netflix series Chef’s Table: BBQ, Hastie is owner and chef at Firedoor in Sydney, a kitchen entirely powered by wood where absolutely every ingredient touches fire - even lettuce!

If the idea of braaing salad isn’t setting your heart ablaze, then consider grilling carrots, mushrooms, slices of aubergine or corn - the smokiness adds wonderful flavour to the vegetables. And braaing doesn’t have to stop at your plate, it can extend to your drink too! A delicious twist on a traditional cocktail is to grill grapefruit and lime and add that to tequila and soda water - the fire caramalises the fruit giving the Mexican Paloma cocktail a delicious smoky edge.

Whatever you choose to braai on Thursday, whether it’s vegetables, boerewors or a mountain of delectable chops, the important thing is that we stand together on Heritage Day - that we observe and celebrate our diverse culture, beliefs and traditions. And as you light your fire and prepare your marinades and meat rubs, remember to honour not only your own culture, but to think of all the cultures that go into making up our rainbow nation.

From all of us at N1 - your leading wholesale meat supplier - Happy Braaing and Happy Heritage Day! Enjoy the special time with friends and family, have fun, and stay safe.