4 Best Braai Sides

Despite the heat wave anomaly we had two weeks back, spring has settled back into place with more temperate weather, but summer is soon on its way which means it’s time to up your braai-game. Not that we don’t keep braaing throughout the year come rain or shine, but lovely weather does bring with it a greater inclination to entertain and be outside.

The best braai always begins with the best quality meat of course – and for that you need look no further than N1 who offer the very best in wholesale meat South Africa.

If you have premium meat but you want to up the ante (and the WOW factor amongst your guests) then you should give these traditional-with-a-twist side dishes a try.

1. Triple Pig & Fig Braai Broodjies

A braai wouldn’t be complete without a traditional braai broodjie, but if you’re tired of the staid cheese and tomato combo, you have to try this 3-porky (bacon, smoked ham and peppered ham) and fig, along with mozzarella and mature cheddar cheese creation. 

2. Grilled Jalapeño-Lime Corn on the Cob

Very little beats a sweet juicy mielie, but if you’re a fan of something spicier you might want to try this Mexican twist on traditional corn on the cob. Combining jalapeño, garlic, lime juice and zest, and fresh cilantro (otherwise known as coriander in South Africa), this ‘Mexican Street Corn’ is a trendy alternative to the ordinary mielie.

3. Mango Sesame Coleslaw

If coleslaw is too mayonnaise-heavy for you and you enjoy fruit in your salads then you’ll love this twist on coleslaw. Slices of mango and red pepper added to chopped cabbage and dressed with rice wine vinegar, peanut oil, brown sugar, chilli flakes and grated ginger; and topped with roasted sesame seeds – a deliciously fresh and summery option.

4. Southwestern Potato Salad

And then last, but not least, what’s a braai without potato salad. But again, if you’re tired of the same old same old, then you should try this zesty take which marries the old with the new by taking away the egg and adding diced green chillies, black beans and coriander; along with sour cream and cider vinegar.

Whatever shape your braai sides take, whether traditional or trendy, enjoy the warmer weather and longer days, and if ever there’s any doubt, it’s always a good time for a braai!