Food Cone Anyone?

Food fads may come and go – think cheesy fondues, our 90s fascination with sun-dried tomatoes or our more recent interest in macarons (still trying to understand that one) – but some culinary innovations go beyond the norm, take us completely by surprise and oh boy, do we love them. If you thought hand-held cones were only for ice cream, think again; because the last year has seen two surprising food fads roll our way – pizza in a cone and coffee in a cone.

Regardless of shape or form, who can resist pizza? And while pizza in a cone might be an entirely new concept for us, it isn’t for the Italians. Chef Rossano Boscolo invented it a decade ago in Milan, it then moved across the ocean to the US and finally reached our shores a few years ago, when the de Bruyn family established Piping Hot Pizza Cones. Originally selling in Pretoria, the de Bruyns soon brought their pizza cones to the Western Cape where you can now find them at various food markets in the Stellenbosch area. These cones are formed from hand-kneaded dough, filled with delicious ingredients and then oven baked until crispy – with a variety of flavours to choose from, it’s the perfect way to eat pizza-on-the-go.

Even more ingenious, and seemingly impossible, is coffee in a cone. Created and developed by Dayne Levinrad of The Grind Coffee Company in Johannesburg, it took a few trial-and-error attempts before they settled on a cone recipe special enough to hold the coffee. It’s made leak-proof by coatings of dark-chocolate compounds on the inside, and you can choose to fill it with an espresso or macchiato. You have about ten minutes to drink your coffee before the chocolate starts melting. Cone + chocolate + coffee – who could ask for more. And it’s thanks to social media that coffee in a cone has done so well. Featured on POPSUGAR, Levinrad said ‘we used the cone as a way to become an Instagrammable product. When people come in, they take a selfie and tag #coffeeinacone”. It’s this clever marketing that has propelled them into the ‘hashtagosphere’. You can enjoy your edible coffee cup and coffee in Johannesburg and the Western Cape – find the one nearest you.

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