Ways with Ox

Winter is probably the season most associated with ox meat – nothing beats a rich and aromatic oxtail stew – but ox, also a Halaal certified meat, can be used in a number of inspiring ways, and N1 offer a wide range of cuts to tempt adventurous taste buds.

Ox Tripe

There are different kinds of tripe, and each comes from a different chamber of the ox’s stomach. Cleaning the tripe is not an easy task, from trimming excess fat and anything that doesn’t look like tripe, to rubbing it with rock salt and rinsing with vinegar, to several rinses in clean water; the process is long and arduous – but fortunately, when buying from N1, you’re saved all that time and trouble as their ox tripe comes already cleaned.


This cut needs no introduction, it’s a firm favourite in the colder months and for good reason. Because the tail is constantly in motion and incredibly strong, it’s packed with dense muscle fibres and loads of collagen, which when slow cooked produces oxtail which is rich, tasty and full of flavour – everything a delectable stew or soup should be.

Ox Tongue

Next, on the list of Halaal meat South Africa ox cuts, is the tongue, and here’s a little trivia for you – did you know that bovines don’t have upper teeth, which means that the tongue does the work of the teeth making it an exceedingly strong organ. In SA, we tend to eat it plain as a cold cut or pickled, but in North America they serve tongue toast, an open sandwich prepared with sautéed beef tongue and scrambled eggs; while in Mexican food it’s often used in burritos and tacos.

Ox Trotters

Trotters consist mainly of bone, toe hoof, skin, tendon and cartilage and it’s only with prolonged and slow cooking that a soft chewy texture is achieved, and a rich broth is produced from the bones. Traditionally served alongside tripe in stew, trotters can also be served on their own with beans or curried. Although not considered standard food fare in most of the world, trotters are very popular in many African and Asian countries.

Ox Livers & Kidneys

And then a far more mainstream form of affal are livers and kidneys – livers are an excellent source of vitamin D, while kidneys are rich in vitamin B. Often served together in dishes, each cut deserves its own moment in the sun – think braised liver and onion with garlic infused mash potato or spicy and creamy devilled kidneys served with fresh bread or sourdough toast.

In short, ox cuts are delicious, versatile and quite the delicacy. So, if you’re looking for this high-quality Halaal certified meat, look no further than N1 – leading wholesale meat suppliers in the greater Cape Town and Johannesburg areas.