Flavour Forecast 2018

Each year McCormick & Company, a Fortune 1000 company that manufactures spices, flavourings and herbs for retail, commercial and industrial markets across the world, release their Flavour Forecast for the coming year – and this year is no different. So, let’s dive straight in to see what will inspire and entice us in 2018.

Handheld Flavour Fusion

For the latest fusing of global cuisines, street fare is the way to go – carts, food trucks, any food you can eat with your hands. Think taco-sandwich hybrid where Greece meets South America – crispy corn cakes filled with sliced meat, veggies and spicy tzatziki sauce. Think Chinese dessert bao buns – steamed buns that replace a savoury filling with something blissfully sweet like caramel and cream.

Globetrot with Hot Pot

A party favourite where guests cook their own food – imagine an Asian fondue and you’ve got the idea. Everyone gathers around a steamy pot of richly flavoured broth and cooks their preferred food – slow, social and very enjoyable, the hot pot can easily take on a Mexican or Caribbean flare. Think Puebla hot pot – smoked paprika and spices in chicken stock, served with chicken or pork and fresh garnish.

Drink Your Wellness

Innovative and liquid ways to awaken, stay energised and rebalance. Think morning jumpstart – a blend of tart green apples, cucumbers, clementines and cayenne. Think evening elixir – a mocktail of fresh pineapple, ginger, turmeric and dandelion greens, topped with sparkling water.

Japanese Izakaya Eats

Similar to Spanish tapas, Izakayas (Japanese gastropubs) serve tasting plates – little bits of everything exploding with taste. Think stuffed rice balls – ginger and plum vinegar-infused chicken for a zesty snack. Think furikake – rich in umami, the fifth taste, it’s a coarse mixture of sesame, seaweed, dried seafood, salt and sugar sprinkled on everything to add an extra kick of flavour.

A Bite of East Africa

The signature seasoning and BBQ marinades of East African countries like Tanzania and Ethiopia are finally finding their way into the global spotlight. Think Tanzanian BBQ – meat skewers marinated in lemon, tomatoes and green papaya, with curry, garlic, ginger and red pepper added for flavour that pops.

Whether it’s handheld fusion, hot pots, invigorating drinks, tasting plates or East African seasoning; enjoy all the flavours forecasted for this year and remember that all delectable cuisine needs great quality meat, so call N1 today – your partner in exploring the treasure troves of taste.