CT & JHB Street Food Festival

Street fare has been around since ancient Greece and has been evident in most cultures throughout the millennia. Depending on the country, the food served has ranged from small fried Halaal fish to chickpea soup, lamb kebabs, roasted corn and even oysters, which in the late 19th century was a cheap and popular American street food until overfishing caused the prices to rise.

Today there are a wide variety of wonderful street food festivals held each year, like ‘Weekend of the Rolling Kitchens’ held in Amsterdam – for one long weekend bridging May to June, a copious number of food trucks set themselves up and serve delicious food like crepes, jerk chicken and smoked meats to all festival goers. Or how about ‘Streeat’ in Italy, which breaks the mould in that it’s not restricted to one place, but actually moves around stopping at eight different locations around Italy – a sort of food-cade if you like.

Well for the fifth year in a row, it’s South Africa’s turn to indulge in pavement-style cuisine, with the CT and JHB Street Food Festival. Preceding years have proven to be so successful that the festival has now been extended to 10 days and takes place from 1-9 September. As leading Johannesburg and Cape Town meat wholesalers, N1 are themselves always inspired by authentic flavours, and the festival promises to deliver not just authentic flavours, but ingredients which are also fresh and honest. The type of food on offer according to Eat Out ranges from deep-fried truffled mac ‘n cheese balls, bacon doughnuts, and Nutella bombs to the more traditional stew and pap, roti rolls, gatsbys and bunny chows.

In addition to the delicious cuisine on offer (vendors are by invite only) the festival includes live music and also crate talks – an opportunity for food entrepreneurs and long-established foodies active in the industry to host food-related talks. The Cape Town and Johannesburg Street Food Festival also has a social responsibility initiative called the SFF Loves which supports a different cause every year – this year online donations can be made by choosing a virtual version of a favourite street dish, with all the proceeds going towards Food Forward SA to help them in their goal to alleviate food waste and hunger in SA.

So be sure to book your tickets and get in on the best street food out there – a once a year chance to celebrate the best pavement-style cuisine that South Africa has to offer, and for all things wholesale meat South Africa, be sure to contact N1 – the best in quality, service and delivery.