Saveur 2017 Blog Awards

Saveur is a gourmet, food, wine and travel magazine that focuses on global cuisine. Considered one of the most respected publications in the culinary world, it annually rates the world’s best food blogs, and this year finalists flew in from as far afield as Poland, India and Hong Kong to spend two days in Charleston, SC whilst the winners were decided. If you’re interested in what’s trending and who you should be following for your foodie fill – here are a few of the proud winners.

Blog of the Year went to StrangerTalk.

Begun in January 2017 by photographer Leigh Griffiths and writer Eloise Basuki, the aim of StrangerTalk is to share the untold stories of locals who passionately foster their history and traditions of recipes and crafts as it’s been passed down through the generations. According to the story-telling duo it’s not merely ‘a blog about travel or a guide to a city, but a celebration of local culture and their everlasting, although sometimes dwindling, traditions’.

Best New Voice, Editors’ Choice went to Cardamom and Tea, while Readers’ Choice went to Chicano Eats.

  • Cardamom and Tea is a blog dedicated to Assyrian cooking.  Written and captured by Kathryn Pauline, it focuses on the constantly changing nature of Assyrian food which blends ancient dishes and many new cuisines. Pauline shares her passionate love of Middle Eastern food and creative variations on classic dishes.
  • Chicano Eats is 27-year-old Esteban Castillo, who revels in the stories and traditions of Mexican food. As a Chicano (or Mexican-American) Castillo says he’s had the privilege of being part of two completely different cultures and he brings his own brand of verve to Best New Voice.

Most Inspired Weeknight Dinners, Editors’ Choice went to Tending the Table, while Readers’ Choice went to What to Cook Today.

  • Tending the Table is a blog dedicated to the daily food choices we make and how those choices can impact both ourselves and the world around us. According to its winning author, Sasha Swerdloff, ‘when we eat sustainably, we not only support healthy communities and a healthy planet, but also promote personal health and well-being.’
  • Marvellina Goh, originally from Indonesia, but now based in the US, is the woman behind What to Cook Today. Inspired by her own journey of what to serve her family every day, and as a way of sharing her culture with her children, she began documenting her exploration of Southeast Asian and Asian Fusion cuisine.

And then Best Food Blog Photography – both Editors’ Choice and Readers’ Choice – went to Rozkoszny.

  • At only 19, Michal Korkosz of Rozkoszny (a Polish word that means delightful), is probably one of the youngest food photographers to walk away with this coveted Saveur award. A food enthusiast, and food journalist in the making, he cooks for his family every day, marrying his passion for cooking with his love for food photography – and it shows in every image.

For the full list which includes the likes of Best Travel Blog, Best Baking & Sweets Blog, Best Food Instagram, Best Style & Design Blog, and Best Drinks Blog, click through to the 2017 blog awards – and be inspired.