Quality Meat Cape Town & JHB

The snack menu has moved on (thankfully!) from being just a sad little bowl of nuts sitting on a bar counter somewhere to something far more exciting. As a society we are living increasingly busy lives and today’s patron doesn’t always want the full dining experience, sometimes we just want something quick and tasty – think charcuterie boards filled with the best quality meat Cape Town and Johannesburg have to offer – to enjoy with our glass of wine, or simply on the go.

This trend ties in with the fact that we definitely ‘graze’ more than we used to – market research firm, Datassential, found that ‘95% of consumers had a snack the previous day and that most of them ate an average of four to five snacks per day outside breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In addition, some 60% of consumers believe any food could qualify as a snack.’

And data from Coca-Cola’s DINE360 research established that snacks – listed as something bought for immediate consumption, but not breakfast, lunch or dinner – account for 11% of all visits to restaurants and food retailers. Research further showed that for 40% of those visits, patrons spent less than 10 minutes at their retailer of choice.

Clearly, snacking is a growing trend which shows no sign of waning, so if your eatery lends itself to a snack menu, it would be wise to look at ways of optimising that offering. Buzztime did exactly that with their secrets of a profitable bar snack menu:

  1. Pre-Prep Makes Perfect
    Snacking is all about instant gratification. Don’t make guests wait 30 minutes for a flatbread pizza. Otherwise, they might change their mind and skip the snack.
  2. Open for Snacking
    No one snacks on a schedule, so the golden rule is to keep your bar snack menu available for guests all the time – from open till close.
  3. Pass the Salt
    The latest research shows that salty food increases appetite, not thirst. If you want your bar snack menu items to encourage patrons to stick around for dinner, get salty. 
  4. Go Bite Size for Big Profits
    Add bite-size delights to your bar snack menu, think tapas-style stuffed olives, and fried cheese, and also meat dishes like delicious meatballs and chipolatas – all available from leading meat wholesalers South Africa, N1.
  5. Keep Snacks Within Sight
    In addition to creating a bar snack menu, let the items themselves do the selling by putting them on display. Keep ready-to-eat bites in clear jars at the bar or packaged snacks conveniently placed near the register.
  6. Stay Within Season (and Source Local)

Lower your food costs and raise the feel-good factor with your guests. They’re hungry for food made with fresh, in-season local ingredients.

And finally, remember that whatever your snack or full restaurant menu needs may be, N1 has the highest quality meat Cape Town and Johannesburg has to offer because they source only the best local Halaal and non-Halaal meat, poultry, fish and vegetable products from their tried-and-tested quality suppliers. This, along with their exceptional service and delivery, ensures customer satisfaction each and every time.