Meat Wholesalers South Africa

In this day and age, time is considered to be our most precious commodity, there just never seems to be enough of it, which is why we’ve seen a dramatic rise in everything convenience-orientated. Google ‘ time-saving hacks’ and you’ll get a multitude of listings that cover everything from ‘how to clean your house in 5 minutes flat’, and time-saving kitchen hacks to decluttering queen, Marie Kondo’s mantra ‘if it doesn’t spark joy get rid of it’.

Our hunger for convenience is here to stay, it’s clear to see in the range of ready-made meals available on our favourite retailer’s shelves – many of whom source the best quality meat Cape Town and Johannesburg has to offer from leading local meat wholesalers like N1 – but the convenience trend has seen a significant spike when it comes to ready-to-cook meal boxes or meal kits as they’re also commonly known.

Locally we’ve got the likes of Daily Dish, Gutsy Green and uCook, but where did the concept originally start and how has it managed to take over our kitchens?

According to the media, the business model originated in Sweden, there’s conflicting information about who exactly started it, but the launch timeframe was between 2007 and 2008. The idea quickly spread to other European countries, and in 2012 three companies entered the US market – by March 2017 there were said to be over 150 meal kit companies in the states alone. As of July 2017, the meat kit business was estimated to be worth USD$2.2 billion globally.

The concept took hold in South Africa in 2013 and in the last year we’ve also seen major retailers follow suit – Checkers was first off the mark offering everything from banting cauliflower cottage pie; and Asian beef and sesame seed salad to sweet and sour pork with jasmine rice. Most recently Woolworths have launched their range, a delicious selection of meals ranging from rib-eye steak, mushrooms and pearl barley; and Halaal fish hake korma curry to a chicken fajita with an avocado hummus salad.

While it might be on the pricey side, many believe that what you lose in Rands you gain in time, and the fact that you don’t have to choose a recipe or source all the products yourself is a big game-changer. In short, the meal kit trend shows no sign of abating so if you need to source the best quality meat Cape Town and Johannesburg has to offer, remember your leading wholesale supplier N1!