Meat Wholesalers South Africa

What could possibly be nicer on a hot summer’s day than to sit down to a delicious spread of cold meats and cheeses, freshly baked bread and a glass of crisp chilled white wine? Man’s love of cured meats goes back centuries, although back in time it was driven more by necessity than taste – meat was cured to ensure longevity, particularly on long journeys with infrequent food provision.

Today cured meats are considered an art form, and rightly so. Charcuterie and artisan meats is a thriving industry, made more exciting every year as experts experiment with new flavours and tastes. And here at N1, leading suppliers of wholesale meat South Africa, it’s no different. N1 cater for all kinds of cold meat needs, from the traditional to the new – here are just five of the meats available from their high-quality range:

  • Pastrami – highly seasoned smoked beef, typically cut into thin slices
  • Russians – actually based on Kolbasa, a Russian variety of sausage, but only called a Russian here in South Africa
  • Macon – a portmanteau word of ‘mutton’ and ‘bacon’ and prepared in a similar way to bacon where the meat is either dry cured with lots of salt or wet cured with brine and then smoked
  • Mortadella – a product originally of Bologna, it’s a large Italian sausage or luncheon meat made of finely hashed or ground, cured pork and flavoured with a variety of spices
  • Parma Ham – also originally from Parma in Italy, this is a distinctively flavoured, long dry-cured ham which is similar in appearance and taste to prosciutto, although the latter has a finer taste

So popular are cured meats that a Canadian company called the Carnivore Club actually began a subscription-based e-commerce business which delivers a selection of premium quality charcuterie to clients in Canada, the US, the EU and Australia. Included in the monthly box are between four and six handcrafted cured meats from top artisans. Each box is themed around a particular style of cured meat and they’ve even featured South African biltong as one of their themes.

Imagine that – imagine having the most delicious box of cured meats delivered to your door every month. As an individual we can but dream, but as a retailer or restauranteur, you don’t have to dream, because you have the services of N1 for all your cold meat requirements – as leading Johannesburg and Cape Town meat wholesalers you can rely on their quality, service and delivery at all times for all your charcuterie needs.