International Bacon Day

If you think bacon should be classified as a whole new food group, then you’ll be ecstatic to know that there’s a global day dedicated to celebrating your favourite food – International Bacon Day on 5 September. The idea of Bacon Day was first conceived in Bedford, Massachusetts and has been observed since 2009 on the Saturday before American Labour Day (the first Monday of September), although some are also known to celebrate it on 30 December. Who knows why the divide, but I’d grab the silver lining and celebrate bacon twice a year – back bacon, streaky bacon, prime cut bacon, diced bacon – so much bacon and all available from N1 who offer the best quality meat in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

And if your urge to celebrate food goes beyond bacon, guess what? There are other internationally observed food days too, here are a few favourites: 18 June, International Sushi Day – Halaal Fish is all you need to make this day fabulous; 7 July, World Chocolate Day – no other words needed; 29 September, International Coffee Day – all hail the bean; and 24 October, World Tripe Day – who would‘ve thought it. And then on a national level, each country has its own favourites too, from Germany’s National Beer Day, 23 April; and Australia’s National Burger Day, 28 May; to England’s National Fish and Chips Day, 3 June; and our own imminent and well-celebrated National Braai Day, 24 September.

But it’s the Americans of course who lead the way with the busiest gastronomical calendar, they observe over 175 days related to food or drink, that’s nearly half of the year – you couldn’t avoid a National Food Day if you tried. Some weird, some wonderful, our favourites have to be: Canadian Bacon Day in March – so they actually celebrate bacon three times a year; National Junk Food Day in July – yes, you read that right; National Pepperoni Pizza Day in September – some kind of pizza features nearly every month actually; and of course National Turkey Day in November.

Rest assured that somewhere in the world, on any given day, some kind of food or drink is being honoured and enjoyed; and if you can’t find a listing for your favourite culinary delight, why not create your own, it definitely seems to be the way to go – Happy National Fill-In-The-Gap Day to you too!