Halaal Meat South Africa

It has always been essential to N1 that they are strictly Halaal compliant and cater for the expanding needs of their Halaal customers. Their first independent factory for the production of Halaal certified meat and Halaal fish was opened in 2001 and when they moved to bigger premises in 2016, their Halaal infrastructure grew in size too. In choosing to be completely and proactively compliant, N1 carry Islamic Council of South Africa (ICSA) accreditation.

Originally formed in 1975, ICSA came about as a way to collate and organise local and regional Muslim bodies and institutions. Their continued goal is to play a part in representing the interests of the Muslim Community, both nationally and internationally. In addition to astringent certification criteria which they implement, they also do regular unannounced inspections to monitor the ongoing safety and compliance of all Halaal products.

When it comes to what types of food are not acceptable under Muslim law, also called Haraam, ICSA list five categories:

The first is the meat of any lawful animal or bird which has not been slaughtered according to the correct Islamic practises – to recap, Halaal certified meat means that the person performing the slaughter is a Muslim of sound mind and fully knowledgeable of the relevant procedures; the animal itself is lawful, healthy and has not been fed any animal by-products; the animal is alive and the name of God is called out immediately prior to slaughter; the knife used is sharp so that the trachea, oesophagus and main arteries are severed swiftly; and the blood is drained from the carcass. The second category of Haraam is any food that’s been offered to idols before it’s offered to a Muslim. Third is any animal or bird that dies by any means other than Islamic slaughter. Fourth is all beasts and birds of prey – this includes all four-legged creatures that use their teeth to grab prey and all birds that use their talons to do likewise. And fifth are all unclean animals such as dogs, cats, domesticated donkeys and pigs.

Halaal meat South Africa is strictly governed and with the likes of ICSA highly regarded in the Muslim community, by choosing this accreditation N1 assure all their Halaal customers only the best in high-quality compliant products.