Fun Food Quiz

It’s a challenging time right now, and while we focus on how best to approach the next few weeks while continuously striving to provide the best Halaal meat South Africa has to offer, we thought we’d try to lighten the mood a little with this Fun Food Quiz! 

If you’re a serious Foodie, you may get 100% but give it a go all the same – you never know, you might just learn something new.


  1. What type of pastry are profiteroles made from?
  2. What is the main flavour of aioli?
  3. What is wiener schnitzel?
  4. How is steak tartare cooked? [*hint – you can find it on our Halaal certified meat list] 
  5. What is beef fillet cooked in puff pastry called?
  6. Which meat is used in Glamorgan sausages? [*trick question!]
  7. What is Roquefort cheese made from?
  8. Which fruit is a cross between a blackberry and a raspberry?
  9. What ingredient is included in food in a Florentine style?
  10. What is pancetta? [*yum – you can find a version in our non-Halaal product list] 
  11. What is the main ingredient of black pudding?
  12. Which herb is in pesto sauce?
  13. What shape is the pasta called rigatoni?
  14. What is couscous made from?
  15. What three main ingredients are added to mayonnaise to make a Waldorf salad?
  16. In which country do red onions originate?
  17. What is laver?
  18. What type of milk was mozzarella cheese originally made from?
  19. What are the two main ingredients of a Hollandaise sauce?
  20. What are the sugared almonds often used at weddings called?
  21. How does paella get its name?
  22. What is the main vegetable ingredient of moussaka?
  23. Which nut do you find in pesto?
  24. Which luxury food shop has been in Piccadilly, London since 1707?
  25. Which Halaal fish is the main ingredient of Scotch Woodcock?



  1. Choux pastry
  2. Garlic
  3. Veal
  4. It’s served raw
  5. Beef Wellington
  6. None, they are made from cheese
  7. Ewe’s milk
  8. Tayberry
  9. Spinach
  10. Bacon
  11. Blood
  12. Basil
  13. Tube-shaped
  14. Semolina
  15. Apple. celery and walnuts
  16. Italy
  17. Seaweed
  18. Buffalo milk
  19. Egg yolks and butter
  20. Dragees
  21. From the pan that it’s cooked in
  22. Aubergines
  23. Pine
  24. Fortnum and Mason
  25. Anchovy

We hope you enjoyed that – we certainly did. And if your pass rate isn’t what you’d hoped it would be, you can always use the next few weeks of being homebound to brush up on all your foodie know-how.

From all of us at N1 – take care and stay safe!

Source: Fun Quizzes