Food Trends for 2019 - Part 2

As leading suppliers of wholesale meat South Africa, N1 know how important it is to always stay up-to-date on industry trends which is why every January we look at what leading experts see trending for the next 12 months. Last week we looked to Innova Marketing Insights for their top 5 predictions and this week we turn to Mintel and BBC Good Food to see what they think will be the next big thing in 2019.

Mintel’s 3 Global Food and Drink Trends

1. Evergreen Consumption
The definition of sustainability is extending to encompass the entire product lifecycle. From farm to retailer to fork to bin and, ideally, to rebirth as a new plant, ingredient, product or package, this 360-degree approach will ensure resources are kept in use for as long as possible. The movement towards circularity as the new sustainability will require collaboration between suppliers, manufacturers, governments, non-profits, retailers and consumers.

2. Through the Ages
Preparing oneself for a longer, healthier lifespan is particularly relevant as consumers prioritise health and wellness as a holistic, proactive, and on-going pursuit. Longer lifespans present significant opportunities for food and drink manufacturers to take inspiration from the beauty industry, which has successfully established a model for healthy ageing by designing proactive products that are marketed with positive language to people of all ages.

3. Elevated Convenience 
From breakfast to dinner, a new generation of modern convenience food and drink is emerging as manufacturers respond to rising healthy eating priorities, quests for foodie-inspired flavours, interests in personalisation and competition from speedy delivery services. Looking ahead, a new wave of shortcuts will be available, offering new conveniences such as the expansion of individual meal kits sold at retail, foodservice-inspired packaged beverages, and a new generation of prepared meals, sides, and sauces that emulate the flavours and formats of restaurant meals.

5 BBC GoodFood Trends

1. Kefir
‘As customers come to understand the positive influence of bacteria on gut health, the global fermented drinks market is in huge growth,’ reports M&S food trends insight manager Helen Arpino.

2. Ugly Fruit & veg
Ocado buyer India Moore says, ‘We’re seeing exciting products made using misshapen fruit and veg that would otherwise go to waste, such as crisps and hummus. Eco-friendly searches on leapt 93% last year, and we can see this “rescued food” trend gaining momentum in 2019.’

3. Low or no alcohol
From sub-0.5% ABV craft beers to serious mocktails, younger Brits are dialling-down their alcohol intake. No- or low-alcohol is set to grow in sophistication. 

4. Going cashless 
Bars, coffee shops, casual restaurants and even food stalls are increasingly (and controversially) going card-only. This could become a huge surge in 2019. 

5. Recyclable or lower impact packaging 
Waitrose & Partners are stocking two new organic Chateau Maris wines in recyclable cans, while Carlsberg is glueing its cans together to create an easily snap-able bond, which, it says, will remove 1,200 tonnes of plastic waste annually. Walkers crisps have joined with Terracycle to start a recycling scheme for all crisp packets while they work on making new types of packaging.