Food Insight 2022

As one of the best meat suppliers Cape Town has to offer, we take the responsibility of providing high-quality and healthy food very seriously. We also find it valuable to keep abreast of research and various food and health surveys, and the International Food Information Council Foundation (also known as Food Insight) is one of the more enlightening. Each year the council commissions a survey to further examine topical themes about health, diet, food safety, and sustainability. The surveys canvas thousands of Americans across a wide age range, and while the results are by nature deriving from and relevant to the American market, the insights gained are pertinent on a global level too.

This year’s Food and Health Survey had some interesting sound bytes to share, so here are a few highlights from their consumer snapshot:

  • 57% are concerned about food waste. Gen Z, Millennials, and Gen X are more likely to be concerned than Boomers
  • 56% reported feeling stressed in the past 6 months. Those who said they were very stressed are more likely to snack three or more times a day than people who are only somewhat stressed
  • 52% report following a diet or eating pattern in the past year, up from 39% in 2021. The most commonly selected options were “clean eating” and “mindful eating”
  • 52% believe their food and beverage purchases have an impact on the environment. Millennials, parents of young children, people with a college degree and those with higher incomes were more likely to say so
  • 39% regularly buy foods and beverages labelled as “natural”. The top two reasons for buying “natural” products are believing that natural foods are generally healthier and wanting to avoid artificial ingredients
  • 25% shop for groceries online at least once a week, up from 20% in 2021. Younger generations, those earning >$75K/year and men are more likely to be frequent online shoppers

And for the first time, Food Insight also reported on the viewpoint and food-purchasing behaviours of Gen Z - ages 18 to 24:

  • 73% agree that they have a greater concern about the environmental impact of their food choices than other generations
  • 73% report feeling stressed over the past 6 months. They are more likely to seek out options like therapy, mindfulness, or meditation for stress reduction, compared to Gen X or Boomers
  • 35% grocery shop online at least once a week and are more likely to do so compared to Gen X and Boomers
  • More likely to purchase products labelled as, “Small carbon footprint/carbon neutral” and “Plant-based”, compared to Boomers
  • Top health benefits sought from food/beverages/nutrients: - Energy/less fatigue - Improved sleep - Emotional/mental health - Digestive health/gut health
  • More likely than Boomers to have purchased less-healthy options and fewer fresh foods to manage rising food costs

Apart from the focus on environmental sustainability, the rising cost of food, and the increase in the adoption of new diets and wholesome eating, it’s also interesting to see the spike in online shopping. The pandemic might have necessitated this increase initially, but the convenience factor remains a driving force behind its growth, which we also see in our own N1 Home Delivery Service. We not only provide the finest selection of quality meat Cape Town has to offer, but our home delivery service also includes pizza, fresh eggs, frozen unbaked pies, bread and wraps, as well as coffee beans, and an assortment of the most delicious doughnuts! So be sure to visit our site and download the app today.