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We’re just ending the first quarter of the new year and as we begin to fully settle into another year, we look at a variety of different sources to track the five most popular food trends that are still holding strong for the balance of 2022.

1. Flexitarian Food

Also known as ‘reducetarianism’, the Flexitarian diet is a style of eating that encourages eating mostly plant-based foods while allowing meat and other animal products in moderation. While the plant-based food sector is definitely growing (clearly evident in Woolworths food stores) the flip side of the flexitarian diet means that the highest quality meat, dairy and eggs are also in demand. This is because consumers are more aware of animal wellness and environmental concerns, so they’re focusing on quality over quantity - which as your leading Cape Town meat wholesalers, we do as well! 

2. Ghost Kitchens

A ghost kitchen is a restaurant kitchen set up to cook and prepare food only for delivery, meaning you can’t just walk in and take a seat, and you can’t pick up either. Wendy’s (the US fast-food chain) is opening 700 more of these kitchens over the next five years, while Euromoniter, a market research company, suggests the industry could reach a whopping trillion-dollar value in the next decade. 

3. Big Breakfasts

Breakfast will become a greater focal point in our lives. With fewer commutes to work, families have more time together at the breakfast table and consumption of breakfast staples is rising. A survey carried out during the first lockdown found that we ate eggs for breakfast 68% more times than in the previous year. Bacon was up 21% and pastries up 25%. In some cases, breakfast is being spread out across the morning rather than being confined to the first thing. 

4. Umami Goes Big

Asian cuisine has long demonstrated how ingredients high in umami (considered the fifth taste, and roughly translatable as savoury, pungent or meaty) help elevate other ingredients and round out flavours in a dish, but the umami trend is exploding across new products, multicultural cuisines, traditional cooking, and hybrid mash-ups. Think foods like soy sauce, shiitake mushrooms and bacon – don’t forget you can find bacon and all the best quality meat Cape Town has to offer, at N1. 

5. Mushrooms

Versatile mushrooms are not brand new to the superfood category, but their cult-like status is reaching the masses today. Not only is the consumption of ordinary mushrooms on the rise, but they’re being found in more and more unexpected places, like mushroom powder which adds a punchy flavour to alternative meats.

And there you have it, the top five trends for 2022! 


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