The Best Food Blogs

Across many industries the need to remain fresh and contemporary is essential, but never more so than in the food industry. Patrons are always looking for new flavours and new eateries, and while you can’t reinvent the wheel, you can remain inspired enough to present on-trend dishes and delectable pairings. One way to remain creative is to see what others out there are up to, and following a few select food blogs is an excellent way to spark inspiration. So, if you’re in need of a little je ne sais quoi, here are the 2015 blog award winners according to Saveur, a gourmet and travel magazine that specialises in various world cuisines.

Blog of the Year went to My Name is Yeh – it was also the reader’s choice for Best Baking and Desserts Blog:
‘Recipes on Molly Yeh's blog draw inspiration from her Jewish and Chinese heritage, her '90s Chicago suburban upbringing, her years spent in New York, and her new Midwestern farm life. Tales and photos of traveling and living on a farm mingle with colorful recipes that aim to inspire readers and tell a story.’

Best Culinary Travel Blog went to The Funnelogy Channel:
‘Nicolas and Gabriella [are] a food and travel-obsessed duo who want to better understand the world we live in through eating everything in sight. [They] bring together Italian, Chinese, French and Belgian origins; between [them they] have lived in Brazil, China, Ethiopia, France, Kenya, Morocco, the U.K. and met each other in Brussels, Belgium. Home is where [they] put [their] bags down but when not on the road you will now find [them] mostly slow-traveling in the food-obsessed city of Hong Kong.’

Most Delicious Food went to Brooklyn Supper:
‘Brooklyn Supper began as a chronicle of favorite seasonal recipes sourced mostly from local producers, [their] CSA, and the NYC Greenmarkets. Two years ago, [they] left Brooklyn for Charlottesville, Virginia, a small city in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. After the move, [they] realized how challenging it could be to source fresh, local foods outside of major metropolitan areas and made it [their] mission to develop seasonal recipes and approaches that would work for a broader audience.’

And Best New Voice went to Faring Well:
Jessie Snyder, the woman behind Faring Well, which details her vegan, whole foods plant based diet says ‘I truly believe in balance when it comes to almost everything. Therefore here on Faring Well you will see truffles made completely raw and sweetened with fruit, cookies made with brown sugar, vegetables served raw, steamed or baked, and well, you get the picture. I hope to present a wide range of plant based recipes on this site so everyone, no matter their diet, can find something that they love.’

For a complete list of the 2015 winners click here – in the interim: happy reading and may that spark of ingenuity strike frequently and vividly.