7 Bone Broth Benefits

We’re into our second month of autumn and soon, as the days begin to grow shorter and colder, we’ll begin turning to the winter foods we all love so much - stews, curries and soups. Of course we can enjoy these dishes any time of the year, and one such dish that should be enjoyed all year round because of its purported health benefits, is bone broth.

Healthline, a site that provides articles about nutrition and health, based on scientific evidence, says that while bone broth is considered a super-food by many, and while there aren’t yet any studies that unequivocally prove its benefit as a whole, individually the ingredients that make up the broth carry well-documented benefits, so by association one can only assume it’s good for you.

Bone broth, also known as good old-fashioned stock, is the highly nutritious liquid you get when you simmer animal bones and connective tissue. Depending on your own specific requirements and also preferred taste, you can use the bones and connective tissue from any Halaal certified meat, poultry or Halaal fish to make your stock. The best results are often from joint bones such as knuckles and feet, and the key is to cooking it ‘low and slow’ - you can add veggies and seasoning during the last hour for additional flavour.

According to BBC goodfood these are the seven health benefits associated with bone broth:

  1. It’s a source of beneficial amino acids
  2. It’s good for digestion and gut health
  3. It may support immune function 
  4. It supports the production of anti-ageing molecules
  5. It may support weight loss
  6. It may support joint health
  7. It could help you to sleep better

People suggest drinking a cup a day, and the broth features heavily in paleo and other whole-food diets. Whether you’re an advocate or not, the reality is that bone broth is low in calories and high in nutrients and minerals, and that’s a good thing any day of the week.

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