5 Crazy Food Facts

It’s time for something more light-hearted and fun to lift our spirits, and what better way than with a few fun foodie facts! 

Courtesy of CheatSheet, bet you didn’t know all five of these:

1. Chimichanga means ‘thingamajig’ and it’s actually a curse word
These deep-fried tortillas stuffed with meat, cheese, and vegetables (yum!) actually hail from Tucson, Arizona and not Mexico. Legend has it that the name is an exclamation coined in the 1950s by a cook who was trying not to curse in front of her young nieces and nephews.

2. Figs are actually inverted flowers
Figs aren’t actually fruits, they’re inverted flowers that require a special process for pollination. But these sweet flowers don’t use the wind or bees to spread their pollen — they need wasps. Who knew?!

3. Scientists can make diamonds out of peanut butter
You won’t ever look at your jar of Black Cat peanut butter in the same way again. Diamonds are made from highly organized carbon that formed in the earth 1 billion to 3 billion years ago. Thanks to geologists and their experiments with high pressure and high temperature, diamonds are also being made using regular old peanut butter. Read more at Popular Mechanics.

4. Tomatoes don’t come from Italy
You may love sauce over your pasta, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that tomatoes originated in Italy. In fact, Europeans used to fear tomatoes, thinking they were poisonous.

The tomato fruit (yes, fruit) can be traced back to 700 A.D. in Mesoamerica, in the region of modern-day Mexico and South America. They didn’t become popular until the invention of pizza in Naples during the 1880s.

5. If we ever get the chance to fly again: Altitude can change the way your food tastes
Flying changes your body chemistry, so certain flavours taste different on a plane than they do down on the ground. Some things are saltier or sweeter, and alcohol goes right to your head. German airline, Lufthansa, ran a series of tests on how flavour profiles change. Spoiler alert - your food is salted to compensate.

And there you have it - 5 crazy food facts we bet you didn’t know.
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