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  • Various grilled meat including chicken and beef kebabs, potatoes, a red pepper and aubergine.
    Happy Heritage Day
    24 September 2020

    It’s that time of the year again, and never have we needed a braai day or the celebration of our loved ones and our...

  • Image of a Margherita pizza on a wooden board
    5 Crazy Food Facts
    10 September 2020

    It’s time for something more light-hearted and fun to lift our spirits, and what better way than with a few fun foodie...

  • Healthier eating
    Food Trends in the New ‘Normal’
    3 August 2020

    At the start of each year, we usually turn to industry gurus around the globe to see what the food predictions are for...

  • Delicious Cured & Smoked Meats
    30 June 2020

    At N1, leading Cape Town meat wholesalers, we offer a wide variety of...

  • Red Meat Helps Boost Your Immune System
    28 May 2020

    At the moment our health is top of mind. By practising stringent measures - regular hand washing, social distancing and...

  • Curry
    Welcome Winter Foods
    18 May 2020

    We’re about to venture into our first month of winter and now, more than ever, we need to keep our spirits up and keep...

  • N1 Home Deliveries
    We Make Home Deliveries!
    18 April 2020

    Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures. As we all come to terms with an additional two weeks of lockdown in...

  • Steak Tartare
    Fun Food Quiz
    27 March 2020

    It’s a challenging time right now, and while we focus on how best to approach the next few weeks while continuously...

  • Adding mushrooms to meat
    Cape Town Meat Wholesalers
    20 March 2020

    If you’re an avid meat lover, but looking for a way to increase your vegetable intake, eat more healthily, and also...

  • N1 Hygiene
    Best Quality Meat in Cape Town & Johannesburg
    19 March 2020

    At N1 we go to extraordinary lengths to ensure all our food products are of the highest quality and meet the most...

  • Experience Dining
    Experience Dining
    6 March 2020

    Most of us are probably aware of the culinary experience of ‘dark dining’. First started in Paris in 1997, the idea was...

  • Ghost Kitchens!
    Wholesale Meat Western Cape
    5 March 2020

    Don’t worry, we’re not getting ahead of ourselves and trying to celebrate Halloween in March – ‘ghost kitchens’ is the...