Archive 2019

  • Healthy Diets
    Healthy Diets for a #ZeroHunger World
    15 October 2019

    World Food Day is celebrated every year around the globe on 16 October in honour of the date of the founding of the Food...

  • Marvellous Mince Meat
    Marvellous Mince Meat
    10 October 2019

    Amongst Johannesburg and Cape Town meat wholesalers, N1 is a leading...

  • Wholesale Frozen Vegetables
    Wholesale Frozen Vegetables
    30 September 2019

    Tuesday 1 October is World Vegetarian Day and while we are all very much meat-lovers here at N1 – we do...

  • Meat Cutting Board
    Halaal Meat South Africa
    27 September 2019

    We all know how important it is to wash our hands properly before and after working with food to prevent cross-...

  • Braais Around the Globe
    Braais Around the Globe
    20 September 2019

    We’re in for a double treat this weekend – not only is the World Cup kicking off in Japan this Friday but for many of us...

  • Rugby
    Rugby Fever 2019
    16 September 2019

    Next week Friday, 20 September 2019, we once again become a rugby-obsessed nation as we scrum down and prepare to support...

  • Avocado
    Folate & Folic Acid
    9 September 2019

    Folate and folic acid are often used interchangeably because people assume they’re the same thing, but they’re actually...

  • Bacon
    ‘You Had Me at Bacon’
    30 August 2019

    If you’ve noticed a growing trend of bacon memes over the years, you’re not alone. Bacon is deliciously unstoppable and...

  • The Rise of Reality Cooking
    The MasterChef Phenomenon
    26 August 2019

    The first-ever televised cooking programme was on the UK’s BBC in June 1946 – it was called Cookery and it starred Philip...

  • Beef Bourguignonne
    Halaal Meat South Africa
    15 August 2019

    The good news is that we’re halfway through winter – only six more weeks until it’s officially spring. But the upside of...

  • Celebrating Great Female Chefs
    Celebrating Great Female Chefs
    9 August 2019

    Friday 9 August is National Women’s Day and while there are MANY reasons to celebrate women, one of them is their...

  • A Trip Down Retro Lane
    JHB & Cape Town Meat Wholesalers
    2 August 2019

    Even if you didn’t grow up in 60s or 70s America, you’ll still know exactly what a TV dinner is. We refer to them as...