Archive 2018

  • Vetkoek
    Chef Jan-Hendrik
    15 June 2018

    By now nearly everyone is familiar with the name Jan-Hendrik. Much like other first-name-only icons (think Bono, Sting...

  • Sausages
    8 June 2018

    Sausages have been around since day dot, okay not quite that long, but close, because sausages are even older than...

  • The Art of Food Presentation
    Halaal Fish & Halaal Meat South Africa
    31 May 2018

    As we all know, our appetites are stimulated with the sight and smell of food long before we actually taste anything,...

  • Halaal fish
    Foods of the Future
    23 May 2018

    If you’re a fan of old science fiction movies you’ll know that the food of the future was often envisaged as a three-...

  • Celebrating World Whisky Day
    Wholesale Meat Western Cape
    17 May 2018

    There’s a day celebrating most things we enjoy eating or drinking, so imagine our delight to discover that there’s a...

  • The History of Cutlery
    The History of Cutlery
    11 May 2018

    Very little feels more commonplace than a knife and fork. We take our eating utensils for granted and we can’t imagine...

  • South African Meat Wholesalers
    South African Meat Wholesalers
    2 May 2018

    We love all things food and when we’re not preparing it or eating it, we love talking about it, as do many of the greats...

  • The Perfect Roast Pork
    Johannesburg & Cape Town Meat Wholesalers
    25 April 2018

    Winter is on its way and soon we’ll be spending more time in our kitchens cooking up a storm and enjoying much-loved warm...

  • Fun Facts to Add to Your Treasure Trove
    Weird Food Trivia
    19 April 2018

    We may be in the business of supplying the best quality meat in Cape Town ...

  • Foods That Define the Decades
    Wholesale Meat Western Cape
    12 April 2018

    While food is part of our daily lives and naturally provides sustenance, it’s become so much more than that when we look...

  • Social Media for Foodies
    Social Media for Foodies
    5 April 2018

    It’s only been a decade or so since social media first entered our lexicon, but to imagine a world without it is now...

  • Salsa
    Best and Worst Condiments
    28 March 2018

    A condiment by definition is ‘a substance used to enhance the flavour of food’ – imagine how bland and boring our meals (...