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  • Food & Health Survey
    Food & Health Survey
    16 August 2018

    Every year the IFIC Foundation runs a...

  • Beef Goulash
    Wholesale Meat Johannesburg & Western Cape
    10 August 2018
  • Taste-Enhancing Proteins from Onion Residue
    10 Food Innovations
    2 August 2018

    The notion of computer processing speed doubling every 18 months is known as Moore’s Law, and it’s just one indication of...

  • Mediterranean Foods
    Mediterranean Foods
    27 July 2018

    When you think of the Mediterranean I’ll bet images of clear blue skies and azure warm water pops into your head – that...

  • Chicken Rules the Roost
    Wholesale Meat Western Cape
    22 July 2018

    A favourite for many of us thanks to its high protein content and lower saturated fat levels, the humble chicken is said...

  • Digital meat thermometer
    15 Great Cooking Tips
    16 July 2018

    Even the greatest chefs need a helping hand from time to time, and thanks to Epicurious – a digital brand for consumers...

  • Noodles
    The Food Timeline Part 2
    5 July 2018

    Last week we looked at how man went from eating...

  • The Food Timeline
    The Food Timeline Part 1
    27 June 2018

    While we know that N1 offers the best Halaal meat South Africa has to...

  • Celebrate Oysters
    Knysna Oyster Festival
    21 June 2018

    It’s nearly time for one of South Africa’s favourite food events – the...

  • Vetkoek
    Chef Jan-Hendrik
    15 June 2018

    By now nearly everyone is familiar with the name Jan-Hendrik. Much like other first-name-only icons (think Bono, Sting...

  • Sausages
    8 June 2018

    Sausages have been around since day dot, okay not quite that long, but close, because sausages are even older than...

  • The Art of Food Presentation
    Halaal Fish & Halaal Meat South Africa
    31 May 2018

    As we all know, our appetites are stimulated with the sight and smell of food long before we actually taste anything,...